Jun 162014
Post topics to end confusion

Perplexed about something? What post topics would help?

I’ve come to appreciate the online community of writers. Authors generously sharing advice, experience, and expertise has made me feel a whole lot less of a clueless newbie. In fact, I’ve gotten so used to it, that when I face a quandary, I simply search Google to see what other authors have to posted on the topic.

The Redwoods Society was conceived for just this purpose. We’re always looking for informative articles to share with other authors. If you have expertise or an experience to share, contact us about guest posting.

In the meantime, here’s three post topics that would be helpful—at least to me.

Post Topic: Leveraging Positive Reviews

5-starHow do you use good reviews for promotion without being obnoxious?

I’ve found many helpful posts on how to request reviews and I’ve even managed to set up my blog tour. I was thrilled to find that professional reviewers like my book. Now, however, I don’t know what to do with the reviews.

I’ve seen other authors post ad nauseum on Facebook and Twitter that they’ve had wonderful reviews. I remember reading those posts as an “emerging” author with more than a twinge of jealousy. Remembering my “bully for you” feelings makes me reluctant to post too much. On the other hand, I don’t want to shoot myself in the foot with polite silence.

Post Topic: Choosing Professional Associations

Assuming limited funds—usually a safe bet with writers—how is an author to know which professional associations to join? There are Writers Groups, Authors Guilds, Speakers Groups and Women in Communications groups. In addition, because I write non-fiction, there are groups that are relevant to my topic. If it weren’t for the $125 and up fees for each one, I would join them all.

Post Topic: Business Planning for (new) Authors

Planning my launch party, my publisher asked me, “How many books do you think you’ll sell?” I replied, “Wouldn’t you guys have a better feel for that than I would?” I have no idea how many books I expect to sell period, much less for a single event.

I’ve read wonderful articles and books on book marketing. (For Non-fiction, my favorites are Stephanie Chandler’s Own Your Niche and The Non-Fiction Book Marketing Plan.) However, I have no ideas what numbers to plug into a business plan. My number is a function: as many as possible.

If you’ve developed a business plan that was moderately on target, please post for the rest of us. How did you do it?

Your Turn

What articles would you like to see? Which ones would you like to contribute (Contact Us)?

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