Jun 202017

And so, it has been. And so, too, it will remain. Through my life, unto death, and for the unfurling of eons beyond. Rainier, vast and massive observer of fidelity and betrayals; of sprigs and blooms; of the lives of things so small and ephemeral that you could argue their existence at all.

Rainier, bearing witness to the evolution of man and every element of the human condition. Diffident to joy. Indifferent to sadness. Stoic to what it has inspired in the hearts of anyone who from the fields of its foothills have gazed upon its vermiculate pattern of inscriptions, carved from the hands of God, Himself.

Remember me, Rainier, when I am gone.

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John Kingston resides in Seattle, Washington. His novel, The Portraits of Gods, was released in January 2015 by Anaphora Literary Press.

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  2 Responses to “Defeat”

  1. Very poetic. Like it very much

  2. What if the spirit of Mt. Rainier was actually just big and dumb? Like just after you recite “Remember me, Rainier, when I am gone.” the mountain burps, smashes a can of Rainier on it’s peak and screams “Waaaassssssuuuuuuuuppppppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!”

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